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Here you will find a selection of some of Alan Bush's own writings and articles, including an edited version of the title essay from "In My Eighth Decade and Other Essays".

Alan Bush's interests were wide ranging and varied and these are reflected in his books, articles and prolific correspondence, which is now deposited at the British Library.

The Composer Speaks
by Alan Bush
Text of a talk given by Alan Bush on BBC Radio 3 on 29 August 1971.
In My Eighth Decade
by Alan Bush
This essay appears in an extended form in In My Eighth Decade and Other Essays by Alan Bush, published by Kahn and Averill, London (1980).
The Byron Symphony
by Alan Bush
Bush writes about his 3rd Symphony in which he tries to portray "Byron the fighter against tyrannical government...Byron the lover, and finally...the practical organiser" of the Greek campaign for liberation fom the Turks. The work consists of three movements with an extended chorale finale, all four named after places significant to the events of the poet's life in England, Italy and Greece where Byron died.
The Composer and Criticism
by Alan Bush
In this article Bush writes about musical criticism which he describes as a "a necessary part of musical life".
Some Thoughts About My Chamber Music
by Alan Bush
In this article, written in October 1981, Bush explores the themes and character of his chamber works.
My Studies and Friendship with John Ireland
by Alan Bush
This article was written as part of a John Ireland Centenary Programme broadcast by the B.B.C. in October 1979.
Recollections of the Royal Academy of Music's Centenary Celebrations, 1922
by Alan Bush
Alan Bush writes about his participation as composer and performer in the RAM Centenary celebrations of 1922.

Alan Bush