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A database of the complete works of Alan Bush divided into 15 categories listed chronologically.
A special section on Alan Bush's four full length operas.
Commentaries on Alan Bush's most important works.
Currently available and forthcoming recordings.

Alan Bush (1900 - 1995) "....wrote music of an energetic force and melodious lyricism that was capable of exercising an immediate appeal": Obituary in the Daily Telegraph, 2nd November 1995.

Throughout his life Alan Bush was deeply concerned with improving the human condition and this was reflected in his musical compositions. In addition to being a distinguished composer, he was also a fine pianist, conductor and an excellent teacher of composition.

During his lifetime Bush's career suffered in this country as a result of his unswerving commitment to his Marxist views and espousal of left-wing political causes and from the 1940s onwards he was never properly accepted by the British musical establishment. However, his prodigious output and the sheer quality of his musical works which range from Operas, Symphonies and Concertos to a host of instrumental and vocal works - deserve recognition. It is hoped that in the Centenary Year will begin a process whereby by focusing on the quality of his music, rather than his politics, Bush will receive the recognition he deserves.

Alan Bush composing in his study

Please contact the Alan Bush Music Trust regarding manuscripts of Alan Bush's work.

Major Works
Wat Tyler
Men of Blackmoor
The Sugar Reapers
Joe Hill - The Man Who Never Died
Orchestral Work
Symphony No. 1 in C
Symphony No. 2 'The Nottingham Symphony'
Symphony No. 3 'The Byron Symphony' with Baritone Solo and Mixed Chorus
Symphony No. 4 - Lascaux Symphony
Dorian Passacaglia and Fugue
Piano Concerto
Violin Concerto
Chamber Music
Dialectic for String Quartet
Concert Piece for Cello and Piano
Lyric Interlude for Violin Solo with Piano Accompaniment
Three Concert Studies for Piano, Violin and Cello
Piano Music
Twenty Four Preludes
Choral Music
'The Winter Journey' - A Christmas Cantata for Soprano and Baritone Solo, Mixed Chorus, String Quintet and Harp
Solo Song
'Voices of the Prophets' - Cantata for Tenor and Piano
'The Freight of Harvest' - Song Cycle for Tenor and Piano
'Life's Span' - Song Cycle for Mezzo-Soprano and Piano
'Woman's Life' - Song cycle for Soprano and Piano