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Quintet for String Quartet and Piano, Op. 104 (1984-85)

1. Introduction and Allegro
2. Meditation
3. Scherzo
4. Epilogue

1st Movement: The Introduction begins in the Dorian Mode on D. Starting with a passage in unison, it includes passages in three, four, and six voice parts. The Introduction ends with a passage in the Mixolydian Mode on A. The Allegro includes the time signatures 7/4, 7/8. and 8/8; the coda of the movement introduces semi-quaver triplets. The Allegro section is in the Mixolydian Mode on D.

2nd Movement: In andante tempo, the introduction modulates to the Mixolydian mode on D flat.

The Scherzo: In Mixolydian Mode on G with two trios, the first in Phrygian Mode on B, the second in Phrygian Mode on F sharp.

The Epilogue: This opens by recalling the Dorian Introduction, and ends in the Mixolydian Mode on D, but it includes rhythmic features unheard elsewhere, namely semi-quavers played against semi-quaver triplets. The first section reverts to the crotchets of the movement's opening. The ending is grave, the bass voice reaching the tonic D by means of the Phrygian minor second. But the music does not fade out, the final cadence bars being marked "sempre mezzo forte".

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